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[REVIEW] Secret Key Snail Repairing Emulsion

Secret Key Snail Repairing Emulsion

Hello Beauties,
Few months ago, I ran out of my night cream. I had been using Wardah Intensive Night Cream since I suffered from the dryness on my skin—specifically around my nose. This is actually a pretty good product, especially for those whose skins are dry. This night cream is pretty thick in formula, giving you a nice hydrating feeling when applied. However, as I had told you before, my skin condition is always changing based on whether. And it happens now. My skin is slowly returned to its usual normal-combination type. And when I applied my Wardah it just didn’t feel right anymore. I felt greasy and a little bit oily at the morning. So I thought I need to find another one that would suit to my skin condition now.

Long story short, my friend recommended me to a Secret Key product. It is a skin care product from Korea. They are well known for their dupe of S*** toner. I chose to buy this Secret Key because I saw with my own eyes that my friend skin has gotten better ever since she used Secret Key. So, I gambled with fate when I purchase this product online.

The Packaging
It is packed in a bottle which consists of 150ml product. A pretty huge amount, I think. The bottle is made from plastic but it is not slippery if hold. This bottle also pretty nice but quite bulky when you tried to bring this product for traveling. 


Another short coming of this product is that it lacks description in English. I barely know what are written in the bottle since there is only Hangul there.
PS: this bottle comes with a box, but the letters used in the box is pretty much the same with this one in the bottle. 

So, I decided to take the description from the seller which sells this product.

- Emulsion berfungsi untuk mengendalikan tingkat kelembapan dalam kulit dan paduan ekstrak siput yang telah terfilter mampu menyeimbangkan kandungan air dan minyak yang dibutuhkan oleh kulit. Emulsion ini juga mampu membuat kulit tampak indah selalu.
- Membantu melembutkan dan mengembalikan kehalusan kulit.

The Formula 
 Snail? Ewww... Seriously?
Yep, I am not joking. A lot of cosmetics products already use snail extract to their formula. Snail has long been the main ingredients in beauty industry (read here) as well as fish scales in your lipsticks. Even in Russia there is a spa which offers alive snail messages (read here). So you need to relax since it is not something harmful for your face.

I know nothing of Korean Skincare. This is my first time using it. So, previously, I saw that there are steps in using Korean Skin Care Product. And this emulsion is used before using a night cream. So I assume that the formula Of SKSRE (Secret Key Snail Repairing Emulsion) is less thick and less intense than night cream.

And my guessing is true.

It has gel consistency which is easier to be absorbed by your skin than creme form. It is quite runny and so liquidy. So, be careful when you want to pour this product into you hand.
Ah, and it expires in 12 months after you opened the product. 

How I Feel After Using It

The gel gives lightweight feeling, and it is easy to absorb by skin. Moreover, I feel my face is  hydrated as soon as applied. The good thing is that this not making my skin oily and greasy. Not much oil produced around my nose after using it. I assume this is because the snail extract itself. And in the bottle it claims "Snail extract moisturizes dry skin and gives fresh feeling to oily skin," I instantly screaming in happiness because then I should not worry to change my night routine product each time my skin is starting to change. 

Final Thought
 I am really happy to find this emulsion as an exchange to my previous night cream. This is a good product for those who feel night cream is a bit too much and want to have kind of lighter formula to put throughout the night. Since this product's formula is light, I think 17 years old people can start to use it. Believe me skincare is a good thing to nourish your skin. Besides, it also helps shrink my pores (a little just a little) and also helps lessen my oil production. But if you have dry skin and want to have a super hydrating formula, a regular night cream is good choice as well. Since emulsion like this is kind of yeah.... its super light. It is hydrating but not as good as night cream does. So, I think I would like to keep my Wardah Intensive Night Cream in case my face is drying (again) in other season and still using this when my face in normal/combination type.

Where I bought it?
Secretkey Lady @tokopedia

IDR 128.000

See you in my next post!

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